Useful Links

We Owe Them

Links to sites that honor those who served.
Cleaned up of obsolete links 2023 May 15
Lots of GREAT articles about WW2 and beyond.
A project to collect the stories of Veterans while they are still with us.
Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.
The National D-Day Museum web site. Dedicated to all the D-Day's during World War II
The National World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.
The Memorial Day web site.
Site listing the full text of every Medal of Honor citation
Korean War Project site. Lots of good information.
Korean War National Museum and Library.
The Korean War - more useful information.
Dedicated to those who served under the sea.
United States Special Operations Command
Submarines have played an essential role in modern history. They have inspired a mix of wonder, fear, hope, and anxiety.
An excellent article about one of the very first submarines.
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